on the birth anniversary of Lady Zainab (s.a)

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Islam owes its existence to a woman - Zainab Binte Ali (s) Congratulations on the birth anniversary of Lady Zainab (s.a)
« یَا عَمَّة أنتِ بِحَمدِلله عَالِمَة غَیرَ مُعَلّمَة وَ فَهمه غَیر مُفَهّمه »
“O My aunt, You are by the grace of God a scholar, unschooled by anyone and a sage by connation” Imam Zain al-Abedin
The 4th Imam, in praise of her eloquent sermons in Kufa and Damascus when in the aftermath of the heartrending tragedy of Karbala the noble prisoners were brought before the Omayyud rulers, said the realities and finer points of God-given intelligence and knowledge that his aunt demonstrated is not easy to grasp by even the most erudite scholars. Her clarity of language and choice of words to expound the mission of her brother in the court of the tyrant Yazid is rather unique. History is incapable of doing full justice to her sermons that ensured eternity for the mission of Imam Husain (AS). Scholars, pointing to a single phrase from her memorable sermon in the court of Damascus, say that besides being an indicator of her firm faith, trust in God, sincerity of purpose and dauntlessness under the most adverse circumstances, it shattered to pieces the power and pride of Yazid. Her bold address to the seemingly proud caliph: “Is it justice O’ sons of freed slaves” shook the very foundations of Omayyad rule and exposed its illegitimacy not only for those present at the court, including the Byzantine ambassador, but for all generations to come.