Movie ‘Holy Spider’ Insult To Religious Beliefs

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Movie ‘Holy Spider’ Insult To Religious Beliefs
Ms. Notghi Moghaddam says the movie Holy Spider, which won the best actress award for Zahra Amir-Ebrahimi at 2022 Cannes Film Festival, is an insult to Muslims’ religious beliefs.
In an explanation on Sunday, expert in International Affairs of the Women's Seminary described the flick as a product of the confused mind of its Denmark-based Iranian-Canadian director Ali Abbasi and funded by global arrogance. Global arrogance is a term to refer to the United States.
“It has insulted the beliefs of millions of Muslims and the huge Shiite population of the world,” she said. 
Ms. Notghi Moghaddam  said the movie follows the path of the likes of ‘The Satanic Verses,’ a novel by British-Indian writer Salman Rushdie that irked Muslims who accused it of blasphemy and mocking their faith. 
The outrage among Muslims prompted Imam Khomeini, Supreme Leader of Iran, to call for Rushdie’s death on February 1989. The result was .
She condemned this action and said: the Muslims of the world and all those who believe in morality should condemn the disrespect of the eighth Imam of the Shiites.several failed assassination attempts on Rushdie, who was placed under police protection by the UK government.